Foxes Out of Champions League!

Despite being the underfox from the beginning of the tournament, they did well to make their way to the quarter finals and only eliminated by an aggregate of 2-1 to Atletico Madrid.

Judging from how Leicester fared in the English Premier League this season, they were not expected to progress from the group stage and some even placed their bets on them getting relegated!  Credits to them for turning their season around but only right after Claudio Ranieri got sacked?  There’s something fishy about it but let’s not mull over it.

Leicester is now so in-form that I would keep Vardy in my FPL team even though there are still Arsenal, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur to play.  Clean sheets for Leicester might be hard to come by but goals from Vardy will not be unexpected.  The only Leicester players worth looking at the moment for your FPL team are Albrighton and Vardy.  Maybe Drinkwater as well since Leicester got eliminated and he’ll probably be back in the regular line-up.

More updates on other teams and players soon.  Be sure to follow for more footy titbits!!


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